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Foods with a high glycemic index (gi)

High glycemic index foods are those that cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. Eating these types of food can be beneficial for athletes or people who need quick energy, but it is important to understand the full health effects and how best to manage them.

A high glycemic index foods chart can help you identify which foods have a higher GI value, allowing you to make informed decisions when shopping for groceries or planning meals.

The Glycemic Index (GI) ranks carbohydrates on a scale based on their effect on your blood glucose level after consumption. Foods with a GI value between 70-100 are considered high-GI; anything below 55 is low-GI and should be favoured if possible. High GI carbs will break down quickly during digestion, causing an immediate spike in your bloodstream sugar levels followed by an eventual crash afterwards as insulin works overtime trying to regulate it back into balance again.

It’s not always easy knowing what has more potential impact than others do since labels don’t typically show real information about a certain food’s glycemic load, however, luckily we have prepared a complete chart of foods with high glycemic index!

A mixture of refined cereals with sugar A mixture of refined cereals with sugar7016.2
Air rice (analogue of popcorn) Air rice (analogue of popcorn)8576.3
Amaranth (analogue of popcorn) Amaranth (analogue of popcorn)7043.4
Arroroot Flour Arroroot Flour8572.0
Bagel (wheat) Bagel (wheat)7035.4
Bagels Bagels7048.1
Baguette (white) Baguette (white)9546.5
Baguette (whole grain) Baguette (whole grain)7328.3
Baked potato Baked potato9520.0
Bakery products(wheat) Bakery products (wheat)9033.9
Barley porridge Barley porridge7046.1
Beans (cooked) Beans (cooked)8017.2
Beer Beer702.5
Biscotti (dry cookies) Biscotti (dry cookies)7035.0
Biscuit Biscuit7034.0
Boiled potatoes Boiled potatoes7012.3
Brioche (bun) Brioche (bun)7032.9
Brown sugar Brown sugar7068.6
Carrot (cooked) Carrot (cooked)854.3
Celery (boiled, without salt) Celery (boiled, without salt)854.0
Chocolate bar (with sugar) Chocolate bar (with sugar)7038.1
Condensed milk with sugar Condensed milk with sugar806.8
Cookies (pastries) Cookies (pastries)7046.2
Corn Syrup (Dark) Corn Syrup (Dark)11589.2
Corn flour Corn flour7053.8
Corn starch Corn starch8572.3
Cornflakes Cornflakes8555.3
Cornmeal porridge (mamalyga) Cornmeal porridge (mamalyga)7014.7
Cottage cheese pancakes Cottage cheese pancakes708.4
Crackers Crackers8010.0
Croissant Croissant7021.7
Dates Dates7048.4
Donuts Donuts7538.3
Dumplings Dumplings8624.9
Flavored Rice Flavored Rice7056.0
French baguette made from wheat flour French baguette made from wheat flour7023.4
French fries French fries7522.6
Fried potato Fried potato9519.1
Fruit Bar (strawberry) Fruit Bar (strawberry)9060.8
Glucose Glucose9694.1
Glucose (Dextrose) Glucose (Dextrose)10095.0
Glucose syrup Glucose syrup10070.5
Gluten free white bread Gluten free white bread9014.0
Gnocchi Gnocchi7014.0
Instant potatoes Instant potatoes8766.1
Instant rice Instant rice8565.5
Lychee (canned syrup) Lychee (canned syrup)7914.8
Maltodextrin Maltodextrin9594.0
Mashed potatoes Mashed potatoes8311.4
Matzo (white flour) Matzo (white flour)7058.8
Millet Millet7051.1
Millet porridge Millet porridge7018.9
Molasses Molasses7052.5
Instant oats porridge Instant oats porridge7441.4
Parsnip Parsnip8515.3
Platano (cooked) Platano (cooked)7027.4
Potato chips Potato chips7037.0
Potato flour (starch) Potato flour (starch)9578.9
Premium wheat flour Premium wheat flour8558.6
Pumpkin (boiled) Pumpkin (boiled)755.3
Ravioli (from soft wheat) Ravioli (from soft wheat)7020.8
Rice Bread Rice Bread7048.0
Rice Milk Rice Milk855.5
Rice Syrup Rice Syrup10077.0
Rice biscuits Rice biscuits8558.6
Rice cake Rice cake8569.7
Rice flakes Rice flakes8061.6
Rice flour Rice flour9576.1
Rice porridge with milk (with sugar) Rice porridge with milk (with sugar)7513.6
Risotto Risotto7022.1
Rutabaga, fodder beets Rutabaga, fodder beets706.1
Sandwich bread, white Sandwich bread, white7539.4
Sorghum Sorghum7046.5
Sports drinks Sports drinks752.9
Squash caviar Squash caviar753.6
Sticky rice Sticky rice9073.8
Sweet potato (batata, yam) Sweet potato (batata, yam)7011.1
Sugar Sugar100100.0
Syrup Syrup7054.8
Tacos Tacos7014.0
Tapioca (dried) Tapioca (dried)8574.6
Turnip (cooked, boiled) Turnip (cooked, boiled)853.9
Waffles Waffles7554.3
Watermelon Watermelon755.6
Wheat bread Wheat bread7034.3
Wheat flour, white (unenriched) Wheat flour, white (unenriched)8562.6
Wheat syrup Wheat syrup10078.0
White bread “baguette” White bread “baguette”7036.0
White flour bread White flour bread9043.9
White rice standard White rice standard7056.0
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Glycemic Index and Load
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