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Estimated Glycemic Index of Spices and Herbs

Below you can find a complete chart for Spices and Herbs with its estimated glycemic index and glycemic load ranks.

Note: GI = Glycemic Index, GL = Glycemic Load

Spices, bay leafhighhigh
Spices, caraway seedlowlow
Spices, cardamomhighhigh
Spices, celery seedlowlow
Spices, coriander leaf, driedlowlow
Spices, coriander seedlowlow
Spices, cumin seedlowlow
Spices, curry powderlowlow
Spices, dill seedlowlow
Spices, ginger, groundhighhigh
Spices, mace, groundlowlow
Spices, marjoram, driedlowhigh
Spices, mustard seed, groundlowlow
Spices, parsley, driedlowlow
Spices, pepper, blacklowmedium
Spices, pepper, red or cayennelowlow
Spices, pepper, whitehighhigh
Spices, saffronhighhigh
Spices, sage, groundlowlow
Spices, savory, groundhighhigh
Spices, tarragon, driedlowlow
Spices, thyme, driedlowhigh
Spices, allspice, groundhighhigh
Spices, anise seedhighhigh
Spices, basil, driedlowlow
Spices, chervil, driedlowlow
Spices, chili powderlowlow
Spices, cinnamon, groundhighhigh
Spices, cloves, groundhighhigh
Spices, dill weed, driedlowlow
Spices, fennel seedlowlow
Spices, fenugreek seedlowlow
Spices, garlic powderhighhigh
Spices, nutmeg, groundlowlow
Spices, onion powderhighhigh
Spices, oregano, driedhighhigh
Spices, paprikalowlow
Spices, poppy seedlowlow
Spices, poultry seasoninghighhigh
Spices, pumpkin pie spicehighhigh
Spices, rosemary, driedlowhigh
Spices, turmeric, groundhighhigh
Basil, freshlowlow
Dill weed, freshlowlow
Mustard, prepared, yellowlowlow
Vanilla extract, imitation, alcohollowlow
Vanilla extract, imitation, no alcohollowlow
Vinegar, distilledlowlow
Capers, cannedlowlow
Spearmint, driedlowhigh
Vinegar, red winelowlow
Vinegar, balsamiclowlow
Seasoning mix, dry, sazon, coriander & annattolowlow
Seasoning mix, dry, taco, originallowlow
Salt, tablelowlow
Vinegar, ciderlowlow
Thyme, freshlowlow
Vanilla extractlowlow
Horseradish, preparedlowlow
Rosemary, freshlowlow
Peppermint, freshlowlow
Spearmint, freshlowlow
Seasoning mix, dry, chili, originallowlow
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Glycemic Index and Load
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