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Glycemic Index of Meats Complete Chart

Meats are one of the most important components of a healthy diet, but many people don’t realize that they have no Glycemic Index (GI).

The GI is a measure used to determine how quickly and how much certain foods raise blood glucose levels. All meats have a glycemic index rating of 0, meaning they do not affect your blood sugar at all.

The reason why meat has such low GI values is because it does not contain any carbohydrates or sugars which would cause an increase in blood glucose levels when consumed. Meats provide protein and other essential nutrients without containing carbohydrates or simple sugars like those found in fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products. This makes them ideal for maintaining stable energy levels throughout the day as well as for weight management goals since there’s no risk of spiking insulin levels with consumption.

In addition to having zero on the glycemic index scale, meats also offer several other health benefits including providing high-quality proteins that help build muscle mass; helping reduce inflammation due to their anti-inflammatory properties; assisting with bone maintenance through supplying minerals such as phosphorus and zinc; aiding digestion by providing B vitamins needed for proper metabolism functions; contributing to hormone regulation due to amino acid content present in animal sources only; reducing cardiovascular disease risks thanks to its unsaturated fatty acids composition among others.

Choosing lean cuts whenever possible should be part of everyone’s dietary strategy since these tend to contain less fat while still offering plenty of nutritional value from protein sources like chicken breasts or pork chops – making them both nutritious options while keeping you satiated longer than higher fat cuts might do so if eaten regularly this can result in better control over caloric intake leading towards successful weight loss goals too!

Overall, consuming some type of meat every day can become part beneficial staple within anyone’s meal plan given its versatility combined with immense nutrition factors plus added bonus being its neutral effect on our body’s response towards sugar – ultimately allowing us enjoy delicious meals without compromising our health objectives either!

Below you can find a complete list for meats with its glycemic index and glycemic load ranks.

Note: GI = Glycemic Index, GL = Glycemic Load

Mutton (Lamb) Mutton (Lamb)00.0
Boiled lamb Boiled lamb00.0
Beef Stroganoff Beef Stroganoff567.3
Ham, sliced, sausages Ham, sliced, sausages00.0
Beef (steak, etc.) Beef (steak, etc.)00.0
Boiled lean beef Boiled lean beef00.0
Boiled beef tongue Boiled beef tongue00.0
Beef brains Beef brains00.0
Roast beef liver Roast beef liver500.0
Goose Goose00.0
Turkey Turkey00.0
Turkey (boiled) Turkey (boiled)00.0
Cooked sausage Cooked sausage349.5
Pork cutlets Pork cutlets509.8
Rabbit Rabbit00.0
Rabbit (fried) Rabbit (fried)00.0
Boiled chicken breast Boiled chicken breast00.0
Chicken Chicken00.0
Chicken (fried) Chicken (fried)00.0
Kidneys (braised) Kidneys (braised)00.0
Fat Fat00.0
Sausages Sausages300.6
Fried pork Fried pork00.0
Fat Pork Fat Pork00.0
Grilled pork Grilled pork00.0
Lean pork Lean pork00.0
Sausages Sausages286.7
Veal Veal00.0
Boiled veal Boiled veal00.0
Roast duck Roast duck00.0
Duck Duck00.0
Foie gras, goose liver paste (canned) Foie gras, goose liver paste (canned)00.0
Chickens Chickens00.0
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