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Low glycemic index foods list

A low glycemic index (GI) diet is an eating plan that focuses on foods with a low GI rating. The goal of such diets is to help people maintain healthy blood sugar levels and reduce their risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems.

The Glycemic Index (GI) measures the impact of carbohydrates on your blood sugar level. Foods are given a number from 0 to 100 based on how quickly they cause your blood sugar to rise after you eat them. Foods with higher GIs can cause rapid spikes in blood glucose while those with lower GIs have less of an effect.

Low GI foods include whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products like milk and yogurt which all contain fiber or fat that slow digestion time making them more slowly absorbed by the body than high-GI items like white breads or sugary snacks.

When it comes to managing weight loss goals or preventing chronic diseases related to poor nutrition choices, switching out some high-glycemic carbs for healthier options can be beneficial over time because these types of food digest slower so they don’t spike insulin levels as much leading to better control over hunger cravings throughout the day helping keep energy stable instead of having sudden highs followed by lows due fatigue caused by hypoglycemia when sugars drop too fast post meal consumption – this kind of response ultimately affects mood swings negatively too!

Below you will see a chart featuring a complete list for low glycemic index foods compared against their respective GI & GL ratings.

This chart should serve as reference guide for anyone looking into trying a low glycemic index foods diet who may not know where exactly start when considering different viable meals choices that fit within range required sustain balanced lifestyle long term without sacrificing taste pleasure enjoyed through consuming delicious nutritious dishes every day!

*Glycemic Load = Glycemic Index x Net Carbs /100.

Apricot Apricot343.8
Avocado Avocado100.9
Agave (syrup) Agave (syrup)1511.4
Quince (canned / jelly without sugar) Quince (canned / jelly without sugar)403.8
Quince (fresh fruit) Quince (fresh fruit)353.4
Cherry plum Cherry plum250.0
Amaranth seeds (unprepared) Amaranth seeds (unprepared)3519.9
Pineapple Juice (unsweetened) Pineapple Juice (unsweetened)506.8
Orange (fresh fruit) Orange (fresh fruit)354.1
Orange juice (freshly squeezed and sugar free) Orange juice (freshly squeezed and sugar free)454.8
Peanut Peanut152.4
Peanuts (Dry Roasted) Peanuts (Dry Roasted)152.3
Peanut Butter (Sugar Free) Peanut Butter (Sugar Free)257.0
Peanut Oil (Sugar Free) Peanut Oil (Sugar Free)408.6
Artichoke Artichoke201.2
Acerola, Barbados Cherry (fresh) Acerola, Barbados Cherry (fresh)200.1
Basil Basil50.1
Eggplant Eggplant201.7
Eggplant Caviar Eggplant Caviar405.3
Balsamic vinegar Balsamic vinegar52.8
Banana Banana4810.1
Dessert Banana (Green) Dessert Banana (Green)4515.7
 Platano (raw) Platano (raw)4514.4
Bananas (Dried) Bananas (Dried)4842.4
Mutton (Lamb) Mutton (Lamb)00.0
Boiled lamb Boiled lamb00.0
Muesli Bar, Gluten Free Muesli Bar, Gluten Free5037.1
White corn, sweet corn, frozen corn White corn, sweet corn, frozen corn5510.4
White almond paste / puree (without sweeteners) White almond paste / puree (without sweeteners)3516.7
White beans White beans3521.4
White beans (boiled) White beans (boiled)338.3
White chocolate White chocolate4426.0
Buckwheat pancakes Buckwheat pancakes403.6
Soybeans Soybeans154.5
Beans, fava (raw) Beans, fava (raw)407.2
Broccoli Broccoli150.5
Broccoli (cooked) Broccoli (cooked)453.1
Brussels sprouts (fresh) Brussels sprouts (fresh)151.1
Bulgur Bulgur5510.2
Vanilla Vanilla53.3
Durum wheat vermicelli Durum wheat vermicelli358.1
Soy vermicelli Soy vermicelli3024.6
Ham, sliced, sausages Ham, sliced, sausages00.0
Grapes, green (raw) Grapes, green (raw)455.4
Grapes, red (raw) Grapes, red (raw)458.1
Grape Juice (unsweetened) Grape Juice (unsweetened)456.9
Cherry (sweet, fresh) Cherry (sweet, fresh)254.0
Beef (steak, etc.) Beef (steak, etc.)00.0
Boiled lean beef Boiled lean beef00.0
Boiled beef tongue Boiled beef tongue00.0
Beef brains Beef brains00.0
Roast beef liver Roast beef liver500.0
Blueberry Blueberry252.0
Peas (green, fresh) Peas (green, fresh)354.5
Peas (frozen, boiled) Peas (frozen, boiled)514.6
Green peas (canned) Green peas (canned)452.9
Green peas Green peas151.5
Mustard (with sugar) Mustard (with sugar)555.9
Dijon mustard Dijon mustard353.3
Pomegranate (fresh) Pomegranate (fresh)356.7
Grapefruit Grapefruit220.0
Canned Grapefruit Canned Grapefruit474.3
Pomelo, sheddock (fresh) Pomelo, sheddock (fresh)252.0
Grapefruit juice (unsweetened) Grapefruit juice (unsweetened)452.7
Walnuts Walnuts151.1
Buckwheat Buckwheat5022.0
Mushrooms Mushrooms150.8
Mushrooms (cooked) Mushrooms (cooked)361.9
Pear (fresh fruit) Pear (fresh fruit)304.7
Melon pear (pepino) Melon pear (pepino)408.0
Canned pears Canned pears558.6
Pears (dried) Pears (dried)4326.9
Goose fat Goose fat00.0
Goose Goose00.0
Jam Jam5147.5
Wild rice Wild rice4533.8
Yeast Yeast356.3
Brewer's yeast Brewer’s yeast350.0
Blackberry (fresh berry) Blackberry (fresh berry)252.5
Yellow gooseberry Yellow gooseberry151.8
Acorns Acorns2510.3
Fat (animal / vegetable) Fat (animal / vegetable)00.0
Grains (sprouted) Grains (sprouted)156.2
Coffee beans Coffee beans500.1
Energy bar (sugar free) Energy bar (sugar free)5023.4
Cereals, whole (sugar free) Cereals, whole (sugar free)4527.3
Ginger Ginger150.6
Turkey Turkey00.0
Turkey (boiled) Turkey (boiled)00.0
Fig (fresh) Fig (fresh)356.7
Fig (dried) Fig (dried)5028.9
Yogurt Yogurt351.6
Yogurt 1.5% natural Yogurt 1.5% natural350.5
Sweet yogurt Sweet yogurt524.7
Soy yogurt (natural) Soy yogurt (natural)201.6
Fruit yogurt Fruit yogurt521.5
Fat-free yogurt Fat-free yogurt332.5
Squash Squash150.7
Cocoa Powder (Sugar Free) Cocoa Powder (Sugar Free)204.4
Kamut, Egyptian Wheat (cooked) Kamut, Egyptian Wheat (cooked)4025.4
Capellini (pasta) Capellini (pasta)4532.9
Capers Capers200.8
White cabbage White cabbage150.9
Brussels sprouts Brussels sprouts150.3
Sauerkraut Sauerkraut150.8
Cauliflower Cauliflower150.8
Buckwheat porridge Buckwheat porridge4012.4
Pine nuts Pine nuts152.9
Ketchup Ketchup5514.0
Kefir (1% fat) Kefir (1% fat)311.2
Kefir (regular) Kefir (regular)361.4
Kefir low-fat Kefir low-fat250.0
Cashew nuts Cashew nuts253.1
Cashew nuts (salted) Cashew nuts (salted)226.6
Kiwi Kiwi507.3
Quinoa (unprepared) Quinoa (unprepared)4022.8
Quinoa (cooked) Quinoa (cooked)357.3
Chinese noodles Chinese noodles3523.4
Maple syrup Maple syrup5536.9
Strawberries (fresh berries) Strawberries (fresh berries)251.9
Strawberry Jam (Low Sugar) Strawberry Jam (Low Sugar)5131.1
Cranberries (fresh) Cranberries (fresh)455.5
Cranberry Juice (unsweetened) Cranberry Juice (unsweetened)507.3
Goat milk Goat milk241.1
Coconut Coconut450.8
Coconut milk (raw) Coconut milk (raw)401.1
Coconut Sugar Coconut Sugar351.8
Cooked sausage Cooked sausage349.5
Kohlrabi Kohlrabi202.1
Hemp seed (peeled) Hemp seed (peeled)40.3
Chocolate candy with sweeteners Chocolate candy with sweeteners238.2
Cinnamon Cinnamon52.9
Pickled Cucumber Pickled Cucumber150.7
Pork cutlets Pork cutlets509.8
Red caviar Red caviar00.0
Rabbit Rabbit00.0
Rabbit (fried) Rabbit (fried)00.0
Barley groats Barley groats2515.8
Fresh corn Fresh corn351.8
Sesame Sesame358.1
Sesame paste, tahini Sesame paste, tahini404.9
Sesame seed Sesame seed354.3
Dried apricots Dried apricots3521.2
Boiled chicken breast Boiled chicken breast00.0
Chicken Chicken00.0
Chicken (fried) Chicken (fried)00.0
Carob (carob powder) Carob (carob powder)1511.7
Lasagna Lasagna477.0
Instant noodles Instant noodles5229.5
Orache Orache5334.0
Linen Linen359.7
Hazelnuts Hazelnuts252.5
Lemon (Fresh Fruit) Lemon (Fresh Fruit)200.6
Lemon juice (unsweetened) Lemon juice (unsweetened)200.6
Lettuce (fresh) Lettuce (fresh)150.5
Lychee (fresh fruit) Lychee (fresh fruit)507.6
Lotus (root powder) Lotus (root powder)334.1
Onion (fresh) Onion (fresh)151.6
Leek Leek151.2
Shallot Shallot152.5
Peeled peas (fresh) Peeled peas (fresh)2515.0
Flaxseed Flaxseed350.6
Lupine Lupine156.1
Mayonnaise (homemade) Mayonnaise (homemade)00.0
Whole Wheat Pasta Whole Wheat Pasta4010.6
Pasta Pasta5015.4
Pasta (from durum wheat) Pasta (from durum wheat)5011.6
Buckwheat Pasta Buckwheat Pasta4028.4
Macaroons, Coconut Flour Macaroons, Coconut Flour3218.1
Poppy seed Poppy seed359.8
Raspberries (fresh berries) Raspberries (fresh berries)253.0
Mandarin Mandarin303.9
Tangerine (canned) Tangerine (canned)474.2
Cassava (bitter, sweet) Cassava (bitter, sweet)5520.9
Passion fruit Passion fruit306.9
Margarine Margarine00.0
Marmalade (sugar free) Marmalade (sugar free)3022.2
Black olives Black olives154.8
Butter Butter00.0
Mung Bean Mung Mung Bean Mung2515.8
Almond Almond151.9
Almond paste (sugar free) Almond paste (sugar free)3515.1
Almond oil Almond oil250.0
Almond milk Almond milk303.9
Milk Milk311.6
Coconut Milk Coconut Milk401.1
Natural milk Natural milk321.3
Skim milk Skim milk270.1
Soya milk Soya milk301.8
Chocolate milk Chocolate milk343.7
Skim milk Skim milk311.5
Whole milk Whole milk341.6
Milk chocolate Milk chocolate4928.9
Seafood (oysters, shrimp, mussels, etc.) Seafood (oysters, shrimp, mussels, etc.)00.0
Carrot Juice (unsweetened) Carrot Juice (unsweetened)402.6
Carrot (fresh) Carrot (fresh)302.0
Ice cream (with fructose) Ice cream (with fructose)359.4
Soya milk ice cream Soya milk ice cream356.0
Ice cream (skim, vanilla) Ice cream (skim, vanilla)4613.8
Cloudberry (fresh berries) Cloudberry (fresh berries)251.7
Buckwheat flour Buckwheat flour4028.2
Kamut flour Kamut flour4532.4
Quinoa flour Quinoa flour4022.9
Spelled flour Spelled flour4530.5
Chickpea flour Chickpea flour3523.1
Whole grain rye flour Whole grain rye flour4528.9
Soya flour Soya flour254.5
Medlar japanese plum Medlar japanese plum555.7
Muesli (sugar free) Muesli (sugar free)5023.6
Palm pulp Palm pulp201.2
Nectarine (fresh fruit) Nectarine (fresh fruit)354.1
Chickpeas Chickpeas106.1
Chickpeas (canned) Chickpeas (canned)356.8
Skim cheese Skim cheese300.4
Sea buckthorn Sea buckthorn300.8
Vegetable soup Vegetable soup402.5
Oat flour Oat flour253.0
Cucumber Cucumber150.4
Dill pickles Dill pickles150.2
Plain / Spotted Beans (Fresh) Plain / Spotted Beans (Fresh)355.9
Olives Olives150.9
Olive oil Olive oil00.0
Omelette Omelette497.3
Prickly pear (fresh fruit) Prickly pear (fresh fruit)353.4
Oregano Oregano53.2
Walnut Walnut152.1
Hazelnut Hazelnut152.5
Pine nuts Pine nuts151.9
Cashew nuts Cashew nuts154.5
Nuts (mix with raisins) Nuts (mix with raisins)219.8
Bran (wheat, oat) Bran (wheat, oat)156.8
Wholemeal Pasta Wholemeal Pasta5032.1
Whole grain pasta made by al dente Whole grain pasta made by al dente4014.6
Chinese cabbage Chinese cabbage200.4
Pepino, melon pear Pepino, melon pear408.0
Sweet pepper Sweet pepper150.8
Chilli Chilli151.4
Chilli Green (Fresh) Chilli Green (Fresh)151.2
Perlovka Perlovka2518.4
Peach (canned in syrup) Peach (canned in syrup)558.1
Peach (fresh fruit) Peach (fresh fruit)354.0
Dried Peaches Dried Peaches3520.2
Shortbread Cookies (Integral Flour, Sugar Free) Shortbread Cookies (Integral Flour, Sugar Free)4017.2
Pesto (sauce) Pesto (sauce)150.9
Motley beans, borlotti, roman beans Motley beans, borlotti, roman beans3512.4
Parsley Parsley150.9
Parsley (cooked) Parsley (cooked)523.3
Cookies (whole grain flour, sugar free) Cookies (whole grain flour, sugar free)5023.4
Butter cookies (flour, butter, sugar) Butter cookies (flour, butter, sugar)5529.1
Oatmeal cookies Oatmeal cookies5539.5
Multi Grain Cookies Multi Grain Cookies5133.2
Banana pie Banana pie4717.1
Plantano (Raw) Plantano (Raw)4513.6
Sunflower (seeds) Sunflower (seeds)357.0
Spelled wheat Spelled wheat4024.5
Pomelo Pomelo303.0
Tomatoes (fresh) Tomatoes (fresh)301.1
Popcorn Popcorn5540.7
Kidneys (braised) Kidneys (braised)00.0
Yogurt Yogurt321.3
Spices (cinnamon) Spices (cinnamon)54.0
Whole Grain Wheat Whole Grain Wheat4526.8
Wheat flakes Wheat flakes4527.4
Passion fruit, granadilla (fresh) Passion fruit, granadilla (fresh)304.0
Ravioli (from durum wheat) Ravioli (from durum wheat)4011.6
Crustaceans (lobster, crab, spiny lobster) Crustaceans (lobster, crab, spiny lobster)50.1
Vegetable fat Vegetable fat00.0
Ratatouille Ratatouille201.0
Rhubarb Rhubarb150.4
Radish Radish150.5
Turnip (raw) Turnip (raw)301.9
Rye flour (medium grinding) Rye flour (medium grinding)5027.9
Rye flakes Rye flakes4537.2
Basmati Rice Basmati Rice5037.5
Unpeeled Basmati Rice Unpeeled Basmati Rice4516.2
Wild rice (black) Wild rice (black)357.3
Brown rice Brown rice5036.5
Red rice Red rice5538.8
Bamboo sprouts Bamboo sprouts201.0
Lentil sprouts Lentil sprouts255.5
Fish (salmon, tuna, etc.) Fish (salmon, tuna, etc.)00.0
Salad ( Salad (“iceberg”, leaf, arugula, etc.)150.3
Fat Fat00.0
Sausages Sausages300.6
Sweet corn Sweet corn488.9
Beetroot (fresh) Beetroot (fresh)302.6
Beetroot Beetroot150.6
Fried pork Fried pork00.0
Fat Pork Fat Pork00.0
Grilled pork Grilled pork00.0
Lean pork Lean pork00.0
Celery (fresh) Celery (fresh)150.3
Seeds (pumpkin) Seeds (pumpkin)2513.5
Chia Seeds (Dried) Chia Seeds (Dried)3012.6
Dry cider Dry cider4011.6
Corn syrup Corn syrup1511.7
Chicory Syrup Chicory Syrup555.2
Scorzonera (Kozelec) Scorzonera (Kozelec)300.3
Sweet pepper (red, green), paprika Sweet pepper (red, green), paprika151.0
Cream Cream00.0
Cream (18%) Cream (18%)331.3
Cream (30%) Cream (30%)00.0
Cream (10%) Cream (10%)303.0
Butter (high fat) Butter (high fat)140.1
Plums (fresh) Plums (fresh)353.9
Sour cream Sour cream00.0
Red currant (fresh berry) Red currant (fresh berry)251.9
Black currant (fresh berry) Black currant (fresh berry)151.1
Soya cream Soya cream2012.9
Soy sauce Soy sauce201.0
Pineapple juice (sugar free) Pineapple juice (sugar free)506.4
Grape juice (sugar free) Grape juice (sugar free)559.3
Grapefruit juice (sugar free) Grapefruit juice (sugar free)454.5
Pear juice Pear juice505.5
Cranberry juice (sugar free) Cranberry juice (sugar free)507.3
Tomato juice Tomato juice351.5
Apple juice (sugar free) Apple juice (sugar free)505.7
Orange juice Orange juice484.8
Apple juice Apple juice414.5
Salted cucumbers Salted cucumbers150.3
Sorbet (sugar free) Sorbet (sugar free)404.8
Sausages Sausages286.7
Soybean Soybean154.5
Spaghetti (well cooked) Spaghetti (well cooked)5512.8
Whole Grain Spaghetti Whole Grain Spaghetti4010.6
Spaghetti al dente Spaghetti al dente4521.5
Spaghetti bolognese Spaghetti bolognese529.9
Asparagus Asparagus150.6
Stevia Stevia00.0
String Beans (Fresh) String Beans (Fresh)301.1
Lentil soup puree Lentil soup puree446.6
Soup with chicken and mushrooms Soup with chicken and mushrooms460.7
Surimi (minced fish in crab sticks) Surimi (minced fish in crab sticks)503.4
Sushi Sushi5511.6
Sushi, salmon Sushi, salmon487.3
Cheese (Mozzarella, pressed cottage cheese, etc.) Cheese (Mozzarella, pressed cottage cheese, etc.)00.0
Tofu cheese Tofu cheese150.6
Chees Feta Chees Feta301.2
Tagliatelle (well cooked) Tagliatelle (well cooked)5534.8
Tangerines, tangerines, satsuma (fresh) Tangerines, tangerines, satsuma (fresh)303.9
Taro Taro4812.7
Tahin Tahin408.4
Cottage cheese Cottage cheese300.8
Cottage cheese 9% fat Cottage cheese 9% fat302.7
Low-fat cottage cheese Low-fat cottage cheese300.3
Curd Curd4510.3
Veal Veal00.0
Boiled veal Boiled veal00.0
Tempeh Tempeh151.4
Caraway Caraway50.6
Mashed Tomato Mashed Tomato353.1
Tomato sauce (natural, sugar free) Tomato sauce (natural, sugar free)351.3
Tomato soup Tomato soup382.7
Tomatoes Tomatoes301.1
Tomatoes (dried) Tomatoes (dried)3510.2
Jerusalem artichoke (fresh) Jerusalem artichoke (fresh)506.4
Tortilla, White Corn Tortilla, White Corn4923.1
Tofu, bean curd Tofu, bean curd150.1
Turnip, turnip (fresh) Turnip, turnip (fresh)301.8
Dill (fresh) Dill (fresh)251.6
Vinegar Vinegar150.0
Urad bean (steamed) Urad bean (steamed)4327.1
Roast duck Roast duck00.0
Duck Duck00.0
Falafel (from beans, fava) Falafel (from beans, fava)408.4
Azuki Beans Azuki Beans3522.0
White beans White beans3522.4
Green beans Green beans302.1
Red beans Red beans3518.4
Fennel Fennel151.1
Fettuccine Fettuccine3221.6
Physalis Physalis150.6
Dried dates Dried dates4027.7
Pistachios Pistachios154.2
Fructose Fructose2020.0
Foie gras, goose liver paste (canned) Foie gras, goose liver paste (canned)00.0
Bread (oatmeal) Bread (oatmeal)4719.2
Buckwheat bread Buckwheat bread5022.9
Germinated bread Germinated bread3512.7
Wholemeal bread Wholemeal bread4015.9
Pumpernickel Bread Pumpernickel Bread4521.6
Pumpkin bread Pumpkin bread4017.0
Fruit bread Fruit bread4724.4
Horseradish Horseradish101.1
Hummus Hummus253.5
Persimmon, persimmon eastern (fresh) Persimmon, persimmon eastern (fresh)507.7
Cauliflower (fresh) Cauliflower (fresh)150.8
Braised Cauliflower Braised Cauliflower150.0
Whole Grain (Rye) Whole Grain (Rye)3419.0
Whole milk 3% Whole milk 3%271.2
Chicory Chicory150.6
Chicory (drink) Chicory (drink)401.1
Zucchini Zucchini150.5
Chickens Chickens00.0
Chayote (Mexican cucumber), mashed from it Chayote (Mexican cucumber), mashed from it502.3
Cheddar Cheddar00.0
Sweet cherry Sweet cherry250.1
Blueberries Blueberries534.0
Prunes Prunes4025.6
Dark Chocolate (with 85% Cocoa Content) Dark Chocolate (with 85% Cocoa Content)209.6
Garlic Garlic309.0
Lentils (yellow) Lentils (yellow)3019.6
Lentils (green) Lentils (green)2512.5
Lentil soup Lentil soup302.4
Chips, corn, salted Chips, corn, salted4225.6
Chocolate Chocolate4929.9
Chocolate (+ 70% cocoa) Chocolate (+ 70% cocoa)259.0
Dark chocolate Dark chocolate2313.8
Spinach Spinach150.3
Sorrel Sorrel150.0
Sherbet Sherbet5027.6
Endive Endive150.0
Dried apples Dried apples3520.6
An Apple An Apple365.0
Applesauce (unsweetened) Applesauce (unsweetened)354.0
Apple cider (brut) Apple cider (brut)400.0
Apple Juice (unsweetened) Apple Juice (unsweetened)404.9
Goji berries Goji berries2513.3
Egg Egg00.0
Barley flour Barley flour3016.8
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