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Glycemic Index of Baked Products – Complete Chart

The glycemic index of a food is determined by how quickly the carbohydrates in it are broken down and absorbed into your bloodstream. This affects blood sugar levels, so understanding the glycemic index can be important for people with diabetes or those trying to manage their weight.

Baked products such as breads, cakes and pastries generally have higher glycemic indices than other foods because they contain large amounts of refined grains and added sugars that break down easily during digestion. Cereal bars may also contain high-glycemic ingredients like syrup or dried fruit, which cause them to rank similarly on the Glycemic Index (GI).

Generally speaking, anything made from white flour will have a high GI rating due to its lack of fiber content – meaning it breaks down quickly. Whole wheat products tend to score lower on the GI scale since they contain more fiber than processed grain flours do, however, this depends on how much whole wheat is used when making these items versus other kinds of flour sources.

For example, something labeled “half-whole wheat” would likely still rate fairly high on the GI scale due to only half being made with whole grains rather than all-wheat varieties like 100% whole wheat breads (which would rate low).

Below you can find a complete list for baked products with its glycemic index and glycemic load ranks.

Note: GI = Glycemic Index, GL = Glycemic Load

Baguette (white) Baguette (white)9546.5
Baguette (whole grain) Baguette (whole grain)7328.3
Bagel (wheat) Bagel (wheat)7035.4
Biscuit Biscuit7034.0
Biscotti (dry cookies) Biscotti (dry cookies)7035.0
Pancakes Pancakes6616.6
Buckwheat pancakes Buckwheat pancakes403.6
Brioche (bun) Brioche (bun)7032.9
Bagels Bagels7048.1
Hamburger bun Hamburger bun6130.1
Waffles Waffles7554.3
Crackers Crackers8010.0
Croissant Croissant7021.7
Flatbread Flatbread6938.6
Shortbread Cookies (Integral Flour, Sugar Free) Shortbread Cookies (Integral Flour, Sugar Free)4017.2
Shortbread Shortbread6032.2
Cookies (whole grain flour, sugar free) Cookies (whole grain flour, sugar free)5023.4
Cookies (pastries) Cookies (pastries)7046.2
Butter cookies (flour, butter, sugar) Butter cookies (flour, butter, sugar)5529.1
Oatmeal cookies Oatmeal cookies5539.5
Multi Grain Cookies Multi Grain Cookies5133.2
Banana pie Banana pie4717.1
Pita Pita5731.9
Pizza Pizza6019.8
Donuts Donuts7538.3
Bakery products(wheat) Bakery products (wheat)9033.9
Wheat bread Wheat bread7034.3
Rye bread Rye bread6531.2
Rice waffles Rice waffles6452.3
Rice biscuits Rice biscuits8558.6
Rice cake Rice cake8569.7
Straw Straw6041.6
Rye crackers Rye crackers6444.8
Sandwich bread, white Sandwich bread, white7539.4
French baguette made from wheat flour French baguette made from wheat flour7023.4
Bread (oatmeal) Bread (oatmeal)4719.2
White bread “baguette” White bread “baguette”7036.0
Gluten free white bread Gluten free white bread9014.0
Buckwheat bread Buckwheat bread5022.9
Brown yeast bread Brown yeast bread6526.0
White flour bread White flour bread9043.9
Wholemeal bread Wholemeal bread6531.2
Germinated bread Germinated bread3512.7
Wholemeal bread Wholemeal bread4015.9
Milk bread Milk bread6029.9
Pumpernickel Bread Pumpernickel Bread4521.6
Rice Bread Rice Bread7048.0
Bran bread Bran bread6529.4
Pumpkin bread Pumpkin bread4017.0
Fruit bread Fruit bread4724.4
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