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Glycemic Index of Sweets Complete Chart

Sweets are loved by people of all age groups. However, consuming too many sweets can have a negative impact on your health due to the high sugar content in them.

To make sure that you don’t exceed your daily recommended intake of sugar and still enjoy occasional treats, it is important to know about the glycemic index (GI) of different types of sweets.

The GI score assigned to each type of food indicates how quickly carbohydrates present in that particular food get digested into glucose which then enters into the bloodstream causing an increase in blood sugar levels after consumption.

Foods with higher GI scores cause dramatic spikes in blood glucose level while those with low GI take more time to break down and result in gradual rise or fall of glucose levels over a period when consumed regularly as part of one’s diet.

Most candy bars and chocolates have very high GIs ranging from 60-80; thus these may not be suitable for diabetics but can be enjoyed occasionally without any guilt provided other dietary components are taken care off like reducing fat intake etc..

On the other hand, fruits such as apples, oranges etc., generally ranked at 40-50 on glycemic index scale making them healthier options than most confectioneries out there today! If you crave something sweet yet healthy try some dark chocolate or dried fruit snacks instead! They will satisfy your taste buds while being much better for your body compared to processed sugary snacks available everywhere nowadays.

In conclusion, although almost all types foods containing carbohydrate tend to raise our blood sugar level however understanding what kind of sugars they contain along with their associated Glycemic Index Scores help us make wiser choices based on our individual dietary needs so that we can stay fit & healthy whilst enjoying occasional indulgences every now & then!

Below you can find a complete list for sweets with its glycemic index and glycemic load ranks.

Note: GI = Glycemic Index, GL = Glycemic Load

Peanut Butter (Sugar Free) Peanut Butter (Sugar Free)257.0
Muesli Bar, Gluten Free Muesli Bar, Gluten Free5037.1
White chocolate White chocolate4426.0
Glucose Glucose9694.1
Glucose (Dextrose) Glucose (Dextrose)10095.0
Jam Jam5147.5
Maple syrup Maple syrup5536.9
Strawberry Jam (High Sugar) Strawberry Jam (High Sugar)6545.5
Strawberry Jam (Low Sugar) Strawberry Jam (Low Sugar)5131.1
Coconut Sugar Coconut Sugar351.8
Chocolate candy with sweeteners Chocolate candy with sweeteners238.2
Corn Syrup (Dark) Corn Syrup (Dark)11589.2
Marmalade (sugar free) Marmalade (sugar free)3022.2
Marmalade with sugar Marmalade with sugar6549.8
Honey Honey6045.8
Molasses Molasses7052.5
Almond paste (sugar free) Almond paste (sugar free)3515.1
Condensed milk with sugar Condensed milk with sugar806.8
Milk chocolate Milk chocolate4928.9
Syrup Syrup7054.8
Chocolate bar (with sugar) Chocolate bar (with sugar)7038.1
Air rice (analogue of popcorn) Air rice (analogue of popcorn)8576.3
Sugar Sugar5858.0
Brown sugar Brown sugar7068.6
Condensed milk Condensed milk6132.9
Glucose syrup Glucose syrup10070.5
Maple syrup Maple syrup6543.5
Corn syrup Corn syrup1511.7
Wheat syrup Wheat syrup10078.0
Rice Syrup Rice Syrup10077.0
Chicory Syrup Chicory Syrup555.2
Sorbet (sugar free) Sorbet (sugar free)404.8
Sorbet (with sugar) Sorbet (with sugar)6517.9
Stevia Stevia00.0
Fruit Bar (strawberry) Fruit Bar (strawberry)9060.8
Fructose Fructose2020.0
Dark Chocolate (with 85% Cocoa Content) Dark Chocolate (with 85% Cocoa Content)209.6
Sorbet Sorbet6552.5
Chocolate Chocolate4929.9
Chocolate (+ 70% cocoa) Chocolate (+ 70% cocoa)259.0
Dark chocolate Dark chocolate2313.8
Chocolate powder with sugar Chocolate powder with sugar6019.1
Sherbet Sherbet5027.6
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