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Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load of Fruits Complete Chart

Fruits are a great source of health-promoting vitamins, minerals and fiber. They provide a range of benefits for people looking to improve their overall nutrition profile.

But did you know that there is also something known as the glycemic index (GI) associated with fruits? The GI is an important concept when it comes to understanding how certain foods affect blood sugar levels in your body.

The glycemic index measures how quickly carbohydrates from food enter your bloodstream and raise your blood glucose level or “blood sugar”. Foods with higher GIs will cause spikes in blood sugar more rapidly than those with lower GIs, which can be beneficial for some people who need quick energy but not ideal for others trying to control their diabetes or maintain healthy weight management goals.

Different types of fruit have different GI ratings on the scale ranging from low (55 or less), medium (56–69) and high (70+). Generally speaking, most fresh fruits tend to fall into either the low/medium range unless they are processed like dried dates, raisins and pineapple which typically have higher GIs due to their concentrated sugars.

For example apples generally rank at 38 while banana has 52 making it slightly more likely to cause a spike in your blood sugar levels compared apples if eaten alone without other foods like nuts & seeds providing slower releasing carbs helping balance out its impact on insulin response times. When selecting fruit based off its impact on insulin response make sure you read labels carefully so you understand what type of product it truly is – such as whether or not added sweeteners were used during processing etc..

You should always aim towards eating whole unprocessed fruits whenever possible since this will give you access to all nutrients within them plus keeping portions sizes reasonable helps keep total carbohydrate intake under control too!

Finally remember that combining proteins & fats found naturally occurring in many plant sources alongside these carbs can further slow down digestion time resulting better absorption rates over longer periods leading improved glucose metabolism throughout entire day rather than just short bursts after meals containing sugary snacks only – especially important idea consider if managing diabetes condition properly!

Below you can find a complete list for fruits with its glycemic index and glycemic load ranks.

Note: GI = Glycemic Index, GL = Glycemic Load

Apricot Apricot343.8
Apricots (canned in syrup) Apricots (canned in syrup)6012.9
Quince (canned / jelly without sugar) Quince (canned / jelly without sugar)403.8
Quince (canned / jelly with sugar) Quince (canned / jelly with sugar)657.2
Quince (fresh fruit) Quince (fresh fruit)353.4
Cherry plum Cherry plum250.0
Pineapple Pineapple668.6
Pineapple (canned in syrup) Pineapple (canned in syrup)6510.1
Orange (fresh fruit) Orange (fresh fruit)354.1
Watermelon Watermelon755.6
Acerola, Barbados Cherry (fresh) Acerola, Barbados Cherry (fresh)200.1
Banana Banana4810.1
Dessert Banana (Green) Dessert Banana (Green)4515.7
Dessert Banana (ripe) Dessert Banana (ripe)6013.1
 Platano (raw) Platano (raw)4514.4
Bananas (Dried) Bananas (Dried)4842.4
Grapes, green (raw) Grapes, green (raw)455.4
Grapes, red (raw) Grapes, red (raw)458.1
Grapes Grapes569.6
Grapes, black Grapes, black5911.0
Cherry (sweet, fresh) Cherry (sweet, fresh)254.0
Blueberry Blueberry252.0
Pomegranate (fresh) Pomegranate (fresh)356.7
Grapefruit Grapefruit220.0
Canned Grapefruit Canned Grapefruit474.3
Pomelo, sheddock (fresh) Pomelo, sheddock (fresh)252.0
Pear (fresh fruit) Pear (fresh fruit)304.7
Melon pear (pepino) Melon pear (pepino)408.0
Canned pears Canned pears558.6
Pears (dried) Pears (dried)4326.9
Melon Melon655.2
Blackberry (fresh berry) Blackberry (fresh berry)252.5
Yellow gooseberry Yellow gooseberry151.8
Raisins Raisins6551.5
Raisins (red and gold) Raisins (red and gold)6546.8
Fig (fresh) Fig (fresh)356.7
Fig (dried) Fig (dried)5028.9
Kiwi Kiwi507.3
Strawberries (fresh berries) Strawberries (fresh berries)251.9
Cranberries (fresh) Cranberries (fresh)455.5
Dried apricots Dried apricots3521.2
Lemon (Fresh Fruit) Lemon (Fresh Fruit)200.6
Lychee (fresh fruit) Lychee (fresh fruit)507.6
Lychee (canned syrup) Lychee (canned syrup)7914.8
Raspberries (fresh berries) Raspberries (fresh berries)253.0
Mango Mango568.4
Mandarin Mandarin303.9
Tangerine (canned) Tangerine (canned)474.2
Passion fruit Passion fruit306.9
Cloudberry (fresh berries) Cloudberry (fresh berries)251.7
Medlar japanese plum Medlar japanese plum555.7
Nectarine (fresh fruit) Nectarine (fresh fruit)354.1
Sea buckthorn Sea buckthorn300.8
Prickly pear (fresh fruit) Prickly pear (fresh fruit)353.4
Papaya (fresh) Papaya (fresh)605.5
Pepino, melon pear Pepino, melon pear408.0
Peach (canned in syrup) Peach (canned in syrup)558.1
Peach (fresh fruit) Peach (fresh fruit)354.0
Dried Peaches Dried Peaches3520.2
Platano (cooked) Platano (cooked)7027.4
Plantano (Raw) Plantano (Raw)4513.6
Breadfruit Breadfruit6517.6
Pomelo Pomelo303.0
Passion fruit, granadilla (fresh) Passion fruit, granadilla (fresh)304.0
Plums (fresh) Plums (fresh)353.9
Red currant (fresh berry) Red currant (fresh berry)251.9
Black currant (fresh berry) Black currant (fresh berry)151.1
Dried fruits Dried fruits6049.8
Tangerines, tangerines, satsuma (fresh) Tangerines, tangerines, satsuma (fresh)303.9
Physalis Physalis150.6
Dates Dates7048.4
Dried dates Dried dates4027.7
Persimmon, persimmon eastern (fresh) Persimmon, persimmon eastern (fresh)507.7
Sweet cherry Sweet cherry250.1
Blueberries Blueberries534.0
Prunes Prunes4025.6
Dried apples Dried apples3520.6
An Apple An Apple365.0
Applesauce (unsweetened) Applesauce (unsweetened)354.0
Goji berries Goji berries2513.3
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