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Glycemic Index of Grains Complete Chart

The glycemic index (GI) is a ranking system that classifies foods according to their effect on blood sugar levels. Grains, which are an important part of the human diet, have varying GIs and can be used to help manage diabetes or other health conditions.

Whole grains tend to have lower GI values than processed grains because they contain more fiber and minerals that slow down digestion. Oats, for example, has a GI value of 55 whereas white bread has a much higher value of 95. Other whole grain options include barley, bulgur wheat, quinoa and brown rice. Processed grains such as couscous, farro, wild rice and buckwheat noodles or soba noodles can still offer low GI benefits when eaten in moderation.

These varieties may also provide additional nutrients including iron, zinc and B vitamins which would not be available from refined starches like white breads and pastas. For those seeking an even lower GI option there are some speciality products such as amaranth flour or millet that make great alternatives to traditional carbs like potatoes or pasta dishes.

All these choices allow consumers with dietary restrictions due to medical needs or personal preferences the opportunity maintain balanced meals while controlling blood sugars naturally through food selection.

In summary, selecting the right type of grain can play an important role in managing your overall health by helping you control your blood sugar levels without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Whole grains tend to be better choices over processed ones but if you need something different try out one of the specialty flours mentioned above – all offering delicious flavor profiles plus unique nutritional advantages too!

Below you can find a complete list of grains with its glycemic index and glycemic load ranks.

Note: GI = Glycemic Index, GL = Glycemic Load

Amaranth (analogue of popcorn) Amaranth (analogue of popcorn)7043.4
Amaranth seeds (unprepared) Amaranth seeds (unprepared)3519.9
White corn, sweet corn, frozen corn White corn, sweet corn, frozen corn5510.4
Bulgur Bulgur5510.2
Durum wheat vermicelli Durum wheat vermicelli358.1
Soy vermicelli Soy vermicelli3024.6
Buckwheat Buckwheat5022.0
Wild rice Wild rice4533.8
Yellow corn Yellow corn6510.1
Grains (sprouted) Grains (sprouted)156.2
Energy bar (sugar free) Energy bar (sugar free)5023.4
Cereals, whole (sugar free) Cereals, whole (sugar free)4527.3
Kamut, Egyptian Wheat (cooked) Kamut, Egyptian Wheat (cooked)4025.4
Capellini (pasta) Capellini (pasta)4532.9
Potato flour (starch) Potato flour (starch)9578.9
Buckwheat porridge Buckwheat porridge4012.4
Cornmeal porridge (mamalyga) Cornmeal porridge (mamalyga)7014.7
Oatmeal porridge (crushed), oatmeal dishes Oatmeal porridge (crushed), oatmeal dishes609.0
Millet porridge Millet porridge7018.9
Rice porridge with milk (with sugar) Rice porridge with milk (with sugar)7513.6
Quinoa (unprepared) Quinoa (unprepared)4022.8
Quinoa (cooked) Quinoa (cooked)357.3
Corn starch Corn starch8572.3
Pearl barley (steamed) Pearl barley (steamed)6040.1
Barley groats Barley groats2515.8
Сorn (canned) Сorn (canned)6526.6
Fresh corn Fresh corn351.8
Cornflakes Cornflakes8555.3
Couscous Couscous6012.0
Lasagna Lasagna477.0
Buckwheat noodles Buckwheat noodles5941.6
Rice noodles Rice noodles6516.2
Udon noodles Udon noodles628.5
Linen Linen359.7
Whole Wheat Pasta Whole Wheat Pasta4010.6
Pasta Pasta5015.4
Pasta (from durum wheat) Pasta (from durum wheat)5011.6
Buckwheat Pasta Buckwheat Pasta4028.4
Macaroons, Coconut Flour Macaroons, Coconut Flour3218.1
Durum wheat semolina Durum wheat semolina6042.4
Matzo (white flour) Matzo (white flour)7058.8
Buckwheat flour Buckwheat flour4028.2
Wholemeal flour Wholemeal flour6033.5
Arroroot Flour Arroroot Flour8572.0
Kamut flour Kamut flour4532.4
Quinoa flour Quinoa flour4022.9
Spelled flour Spelled flour4530.5
Chestnut flour Chestnut flour6546.1
Corn flour Corn flour7053.8
Chickpea flour Chickpea flour3523.1
Peeled wheat flour (whole grain) Peeled wheat flour (whole grain)6544.8
Premium wheat flour Premium wheat flour8558.6
Whole grain rye flour Whole grain rye flour4528.9
Rice flour Rice flour9576.1
Soya flour Soya flour254.5
Muesli Muesli5631.6
Muesli (sugar free) Muesli (sugar free)5023.6
Muesli (with sugar or honey) Muesli (with sugar or honey)6543.8
Gnocchi Gnocchi7014.0
Oats, Hercules Oats, Hercules5936.0
Instant oats porridge Instant oats porridge7441.4
Oatmeal (cooked on the water) Oatmeal (cooked on the water)609.0
Oat flour Oat flour253.0
Bran (wheat, oat) Bran (wheat, oat)156.8
Wholemeal Pasta Wholemeal Pasta5032.1
Whole grain pasta made by al dente Whole grain pasta made by al dente4014.6
Corn pasta Corn pasta6846.4
Perlovka Perlovka2518.4
Sunflower (seeds) Sunflower (seeds)357.0
Spelled wheat Spelled wheat4024.5
Millet Millet7051.1
Whole Grain Wheat Whole Grain Wheat4526.8
Wheat flour, white (unenriched) Wheat flour, white (unenriched)8562.6
Wheat flakes Wheat flakes4527.4
Rye flour (medium grinding) Rye flour (medium grinding)5027.9
Rye flakes Rye flakes4537.2
Risotto Risotto7022.1
Flavored Rice Flavored Rice706.7
Basmati Rice Basmati Rice5037.5
Unpeeled Basmati Rice Unpeeled Basmati Rice4516.2
White rice standard White rice standard7017.4
Instant rice Instant rice8565.5
Wild rice (black) Wild rice (black)357.3
Long grain rice Long grain rice6046.8
Rice Jasmine Rice Jasmine6044.0
Sticky rice Sticky rice9018.9
Brown rice Brown rice5036.5
Red rice Red rice5538.8
Rice flakes Rice flakes8061.6
Seeds (pumpkin) Seeds (pumpkin)2513.5
Chia Seeds (Dried) Chia Seeds (Dried)3012.6
A mixture of refined cereals with sugar A mixture of refined cereals with sugar7016.2
Sorghum Sorghum7046.5
Spaghetti (well cooked) Spaghetti (well cooked)5512.8
Whole Grain Spaghetti Whole Grain Spaghetti4010.6
Spaghetti al dente Spaghetti al dente4521.5
Spaghetti bolognese Spaghetti bolognese529.9
Tagliatelle (well cooked) Tagliatelle (well cooked)5534.8
Tortilla, White Corn Tortilla, White Corn4923.1
Fettuccine Fettuccine3221.6
Whole Grain (Rye) Whole Grain (Rye)3419.0
Yam Yam6518.2
Barley porridge Barley porridge7046.1
Barley flour Barley flour3016.8
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