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Premium wheat flour

Premium wheat flour

Glycemic IndexGlycemic Load

The glycemic index (GI) of premium wheat flour equals to 85.0, which classifies it as a high GI food. The glycemic load (GL) of premium wheat flour is equal to 58.6, which classifies it as a high GL food.

Nutrition Facts
Calories (kcal)334.0
Carbohydrates (g)68.9
Proteins (g)10.3
Fats (g)1.1

100 grams of premium wheat flour contain 334.0 kcal (1397 kJ), 10.3 grams of proteins, 68.9 grams of carbohydrates, and 1.1 grams of fats.

Premium wheat flour, otherwise known as high-protein or strong white bread flour, is a type of all-purpose flour made from hard wheat. It contains more protein and gluten than regular all-purpose flours, making it ideal for baking loaves with an airy texture and chewy crusts. This specialty flour also has a slightly higher absorption rate which means that it requires less liquid when mixing doughs. Nutritionally speaking, premium wheat flours contain approximately 12 to 14 percent protein compared to the 8 to 10 percent found in standard all-purpose varieties. For this reason they are often enriched with added vitamins such as thiamine (B1), niacin (B3) and riboflavin (B2). Additionally, due its dense structure these types of flours have lower levels of fat content which makes them suitable for lowfat recipes including cakes and other baked goods. The primary benefit of using premium wheat flour is that it enhances the flavor and texture profile in many sweet treats like pastries, muffins or pies while still providing essential nutrients like B complex vitamins needed for healthy metabolism functioning. However one downside is that because there’s so much gluten present you may need extra kneading time when creating your doughy concoctions if you want achieve perfect results every time!