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Biscotti (dry cookies)

Biscotti (dry cookies)

Glycemic IndexGlycemic Load

The glycemic index (GI) of biscotti (dry cookies) equals to 70, which classifies it as a high GI food. The glycemic load (GL) of biscotti (dry cookies) is equal to 35.0, which classifies it as a high GL food.

Nutrition Facts
Calories (kcal)358
Carbohydrates (g)50.0
Proteins (g)6.0
Fats (g)15.0

100 grams of biscotti (dry cookies) contain 358 kcal (1498 kJ), 6.0 grams of proteins, 50.0 grams of carbohydrates, and 15.0 grams of fats.

Biscotti are dry, hard-textured Italian cookies that have a crunchy texture and can come in both sweet and savory flavors. They often contain ingredients such as nuts, dried fruits, anise seeds or spices like cinnamon to add flavor. On the plus side they’re low in fat with only around 4 grams per serving (1 piece). Biscotti also offer some nutritional benefits; depending on their ingredients they may provide dietary fiber, vitamins A & E as well as minerals like calcium and iron. However, biscotti shouldn’t be considered a health food since it does contain sugar which adds calories to your daily intake – usually around 100 calories per one cookie. Additionally these cookies are quite high in carbohydrates so people who follow a low-carb diet should avoid them altogether or consume them sparingly. In conclusion biscotti makes for an occasional treat but you should keep portion size small due to its relatively high calorie content compared to other snacks.